Tanmay Mohan Bhagwat

Intern (Undergraduate)

I am an intern, having just finished graduation from Birla Institute of Technolgy and Science, Pilani (Hyderabad Campus) in Mechanical Engineering. I have been working in batteries sciences for nearly a year, including for my bachelor thesis at Automotive Research Association of India for 6 months. Currently, I’m working on computationally modelling of spinel-based photo(electro)catalysts. After getting to learn the ropes, I hope to carry on to computational modelling of battery materials, specially on multivalent batteries. I’m quite interested in materials science and so this internship is a good opportunity for me to explore the different fields open to materials scientists.

I am quite an avid gaming enthusiast and bibliophile. From Doom Eternal, GTA to Dan Brown, Freakonomics, A Brief History of Time… all thoroughly interest me!

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