Advancing MXene electrocatalysts for energy conversion reactions: surface, stoichiometry, and stability

C. Tsounis, P. V. Kumar, H. Masood, R. P. Kulkarni, G. Sai Gautam, C. R. Müller, R. Amal, and D. A. Kuznetsov; Angew. Chem. 62, e202210828 (2023)


MXenes, due to their tailorable chemistry and favourable physical properties, have great promise in electrocatalytic energy conversion reactions. To exploit fully their enormous potential, further advances specific to electrocatalysis revolving around their performance, stability, compositional discovery and synthesis are required. The most recent advances in these aspects are discussed in detail: surface functional and stochiometric modifications which can improve performance, Pourbaix stability related to their electrocatalytic operating conditions, density functional theory and advances in machine learning for their discovery, and prospects in large scale synthesis and solution processing techniques to produce membrane electrode assemblies and integrated electrodes. This minireview provides a perspective that is complemented by new density functional theory calculations which show how these recent advances in MXene material design are paving the way for effective electrocatalysts required for the transition to integrated renewable energy systems.

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