Anooj, Swathi, Ankur, and Vijay join the group

31 Aug 2021

August 2021 had four new entrants to the SAI MATerials group, including Anooj Sathyan (top left in picture), Swathilakshmi (top right), Ankur Srivastava (bottom left), and Vijay Choyal (bottom right). Anooj will be pursuing his Bachelors thesis research (on machine learning related topics), while Swathi will be an intern learning the ropes of density functional theory calculations. Ankur is a Ph.D. student, co-advised with Prof. Aloke Paul (Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science) and will focus on diffusion studies. Vijay Choyal is the first postdoctoral researcher of the group, who will also be an Institute of Eminence fellow. The group wishes a productive stay for all four new members.

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